The Best Restaurants In Jamaica For The 1st Time Visitor

In the city where independent restaurants are just a handful and relatively thin concept of evening dining it becomes all the more difficult to find the best. Days are pretty much filled with local dining options offering hearty Jamaican cuisine including the must have Jamaican Jerk (barbecued meat). Here are some of the best restaurants in Jamaica.

Best Restaurants In Jamaica


Address – Coral Gardens Ave, Jamaica

Any Jamaican food trail is incomplete without jerk chicken on plate and Scotchies serve the most authentic jerk chicken in town. Words fall short to describe the delectable taste but a 20 feet queue is self-explanatory and worth to stand in.

The spicy menu will take you through the city’s historical cuisine and baked on the logs of Jamaican spice trees add to the flavours of the meat. Complimenting the spiciness of the meat and giving an authentic feel are sides including roasted breadfruit, fried sweet dumplings and an ice-cold Red Stripe beer.

M-10 Bar and Grill

Address – 6 Vineyard Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

For those looking to savor their taste buds with for a reasonable price, M-10 Bar and Grill is one of the best restaurants in Jamaica to be at and you won’t even have to compromise with the quality. With the bar as extensive as the dining menu, the place is a hub during happy hour and Friday evenings are best spent here.

The casual and electric ambiance takes away the locals trouble of 9-to-5 jobs and get them relish cold rum and coconut water. For the sea food lovers, every Tuesday is an all-you-can-eat crab night where you can fill up your throat with scrumptious sea food. Chose your favorite from the curried, spicy, garlic, and sweet-and-sour crab, along with traditional rice and peas, potato wedges and more sides to compliment the mains.


Address – 17 Mile Post Newcastle Road, Irish Town, Jamaica

EITS Cafe is a refreshing escape for people trying to get away from the city’s unbearable heat and noise. The restaurant’s menu is a perfect blend of Jamaican and European cuisine cooked with vegetables procured directly from their very own organic garden.

Sitting in their covered outdoor veranda enjoy spectacular views of lush forested canopies as you relish the delicacies. Played in the background are the gentle beats of reggae by the locals a few miles down the street or you might be surprised by the soft patter of rain.

Tamarind Indian Cuisine

Address – 28, 18-22 Barbican Rd, Kingston, Jamaica

It’s been over a sanctuary since the East Indian indentured laborers moved into Jamaica and worked on farms and plantations. Since then their traditions, customs and cuisine have inflected the Jamaican cuisine we know as of today.

Of the any Indian restaurants spreading across the island, Tamarind is one of the best restaurants in Jamaica, everyone’s first choice for the quality and service it offers to its guests. There is something for everyone in the menu fused with both vegetarian and meat dishes.

Little Ochie

Address – Alligator Pond P.O, Alligator Pond Dist., Jamaica

On the southern coast of the island in a sleepy fishing village called Alligator Pond is this hidden treat for the Jamaicans. Being on the outskirts the restaurant sees only a handful of tourists. The moment you arrive, your senses get activated with the smell of fish and saltwater.

Watch the fishermen selling their evening’s catch on their boats parked on sand. This makes it sure that you are served the freshest fish infused with mouth-watering flavours that has been attracting customers for decades.

Murphy’s West End Restaurant

Address – West End, Jamaica

The Murphy’s proximity to some of Jamaica’s most pristine beaches, great vibes and even better food makes it a traveler’s paradise. On the menu are homemade delicacies reflecting true Jamaican flavours.

Seating area includes hammocks hang under the thatched-roof and much needed to get out of food comma. Some of the top highlights are ice-cold Red Stripe or coconut water straight from the fruit.

With this finishes up our Jamaican delight which hopefully served you the best with what you wished for. These best restaurants in Jamaica are not the only worthy options but some deserved not to be missed of a food trail.

Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala

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