The Most Popular Restaurants In Bahamas – Guide For The 1st Time Visitor

Like a disintegrated string of pearls, this list of the most popular restaurants in Bahamas stretch from their most northerly point to the south, spanning across 500 miles of the Caribbean Sea.

Here I have chosen six popular restaurants in Bahamas that I believe are an absolute hit, because when you are holidaying for just a few days, you cannot afford to waste a single meal.

Popular Restaurants In Bahamas

Cafe Martinique

Address – One Casino Drive Suite 4, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Set inside Paradise Island’s bustling Marina Village, this place is a fine dining seafood oasis. The original restaurant made a cameo appearance in the Thunderball, a 1965 James Bond classic film. Carrying on the tradition of sophistication and elegance in a new time and space, Cafe Martinique continues to glimmer as an iconic seafood lover’s heaven. Do not forget to order the crunchy roasted grouper served with chilies, glazed mushrooms and mint when you are here.

Cain at The Cove

Address – One Casino Drive Suite #59, Paradise Island, Bahamas

Bahamian art and culture seamlessly intertwine in this adult-only complex at Atlantis Resort. Offering the best in poolside pampering, this restaurants luxury concierge service extends from the beachfront to the hotel. The full service poolside bar doubles as a cafe. You can play Blackjack at the outdoor gaming pavilion, as you sip on top-shelf cocktails. Alternatively, opt for sunbathing on freestanding daybeds that are suspended over the water.

Chat ‘N’ Chill

Address – 1 Stocking Island | Volleyball Beach, Stocking Island, Bahamas

Simply delivering a view are what many beachfront restaurants are satisfied with. However, on Stocking Island in the Exumas, Chat ‘N’ Chill delivers a complete beach experience. When you visit this gem of a place, you can hand-feed stingrays, flirt with the occasional wild dolphin, enjoy a round of beach volleyball, play on a homemade tire swing, eat at the conch salad bar, sunbathe on the beach, hike through nature trails and lastly, eat from an eminently original menu where everything is grilled.

Dali Modernistic Tapas

Address – Nassau, The Bahamas

This is among the only restaurants where a Bahamian staple, grits, is elevated and served to gourmet perfection. Do not shy away from ordering an extra portion of fried polenta sticks to prolong the crunchy, cheesy goodness. Nevertheless, remember to save some room for the tender cuts of meat that are served with the hot and cold tapas. Sipping fine vintage wine or champagne inside is fabulous. Especially while dancing to Scrape music or live Bahamian Rake, cozied up with someone special.


Address – Paradise Island Dr, Nassau, The Bahamas

Overlooking scenic Cabbage Beach, this restaurant in Bahama is perched on a sand dune. This celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s restaurant offers its diners an intimate atmosphere and a spectacular sunset view. The floor-to-ceiling windows that overlooks a terrace and the ocean will leave you enthralled. The entrée choices a locally caught lobster, served with steamy Thai herbs and a pile of crispy fried plantains. Besides, thin-shaved ribbons of tuna tartare, spicy radishes and avocado are the highlights of this place. Moreover, an outdoor bar pavilion serves creative tropical cocktails.


Address – West Hill Street, Nassau, Bahamas

This restaurant offers gourmet dining at its best and caters to a classy and professional crowd. Amalgamating European cuisine with Bahamian specialties, this place serves lip-smacking delicacies to its diners. Graycliff is set in a historic 18th century mansion with a sleek, minimalist dining room. The frequently changing menus are as rarefied as the restaurant’s atmosphere and welcomes patrons with choices that are both distinctive and tasteful. Following your meal, they invite you to savour and relax for the rest of your time at the restaurant with a not to be missed cognac or a flavorful cigar.

So the next time you are in the Caribbean islands, count the length of your holiday trip- not in days, but in terms of how many lunches and dinners you were able to grab at these popular restaurants in Bahamas.

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