Solo Travel Tips For Extroverts

If you’re an extrovert that’s interested in traveling alone, you might be worried about loneliness during your solo trip. This is a valid concern, as you will likely spend long periods of time on your own. Whether you are traveling to a new country, or going on a weekend trip close by, it should be no surprise that solo travel will require you to be independent. But traveling alone doesn’t mean you will be by yourself for the duration of your trip. There are so many ways to meet new people and experience new things. In this article I will explain how to deal with some of the pit falls of traveling alone as an extrovert, and what to expect from your solo trip.

Can Extroverts Travel Alone?

Yes, extroverts can travel alone and most will have a great time. Extroverts are more likely to meet new people and experience new things during their trip. Extroverted travelers will be open to new experiences that push them outside of their comfort zone.

Solo travel will require you to spend long stretches of time on your own, which is something that a lot of extroverts might have a problem with. For some reason the internet is filled with plenty of tips and tricks for introverted solo travelers, but it’s rare to find a useful guide for traveling as an extrovert. So I decided to provide my extroverted readers with a short guide on how to enjoy traveling alone.

A lot of people don’t understand that solo travel actually makes it easier to meet new people. This might sound counterintuitive, but it’s true. Traveling alone forces you outside of your comfort zone and puts you into a situation where you have no choice but to meet new people. I would recommend solo travel over group travel to most people, even extroverts. The fact is, traveling on your own is a personal triumph that very few people ever achieve. It’s even better for extroverts, because they will find it easier to meet locals or fellow travelers. But how do you go about doing that? Below, I will discuss the ways extroverted solo travelers can meet new people during their trip.

Stay in Hostels

King Kong Hostel in Rotterdam, Netherlands

While hostels will not provide much in the way of luxury, they are without a doubt the best way to meet fellow travelers. Hostels are social hubs that encourage you to have fun and share experiences with fellow travelers. Not only are they inexpensive, but they are filled with other like-minded travelers who are desperate to meet new people. There is simply nothing better than arriving in a hostel and being greeted by travelers from around the world.

For a small fee (anywhere between $7 and $50) you can make new friends and have the time of your life. People who stay in these hostels are almost always more friendly than the people you meet back home. They are there for the same reason as you: to meet new people and make unforgettable memories.

The people who run hostels do everything in their power to make it as easy as possible for you to meet new people. From coordinating events to organizing pub crawls, hostel owners are experts at encouraging social interaction. Some hostels might even have an area in the lobby where you can grab drinks and get food with your new friends. These are great places to introduce yourself to other travelers who are checking into your hostel.

It’s also common for your roommates to introduce themselves, which often sparks a dialogue that can lead to a new friendship. If you’re extroverted, you should have no problem getting along with your hostel-mates. While you won’t make friends with everyone, it’s relatively easy to find a new group to hang out with and explore the area you are staying in.

Take Part in a Pub Crawl

The Dog’s Bullocks Pub in Groningen, Netherlands

Besides hostels, pub crawls are the best way to meet people when you’re on a solo trip. A pub crawl consists of a group of people led by a tour guide who takes them to some of the best bars in the city. You will stay out until the late hours of the night drinking at different bars, pubs and night clubs.

A pub crawl will bring you together with a diverse group of people from all around the world. Typically the group will consist of travelers who are looking to make friends, so you should have no problem conversing with the people you meet on the crawl.

Not only are pub crawls a great way to meet new people, but they will also help you save money. You will get free entry into some night clubs, and usually a free drink at each bar.

If you’re wondering where to find a pub crawl, ask the front desk at your hostel. Some reputable hostels will host a pub crawl of their own, or recommend the best one in the area.

I highly advise you to take part in a couple pub crawls during your trip. Some of my favorite nights traveling have been when I met a group of new friends during a pub crawl.

Learn the Local Language

Marrakesh, Morocco

If you’re traveling abroad, this is a critical tip. A lot of english speaking travelers can do fine in most countries speaking only english. Countries like the Netherlands, France, and Singapore are filled with English speakers, so you could get by without speaking the native tongue. But it’s still important to learn basic phrases and greetings in the language of the country you are traveling in.

Not only will this help you communicate with locals, but it will make it easier to befriend them.

Locals love when travelers speak their home language. Learning the local language shows that you have a respect for their culture and traditions, and that you aren’t the disrespectful tourists that some of them are used to. Even asking for directions or saying hello in the native language can go a long way towards having pleasant interactions with locals, or even forming new friendships.

If you’re an extrovert, this can be a great way to have some social interaction when you’re feeling lonely. If you’ve been alone sightseeing all day, or just got off a long train ride, try conversing with some locals to get your spirits up.

Be Flexible

When you’re traveling on your own, you will have to open yourself up to so many new experiences. Sometimes these experiences are fleeting. You will often meet new people and go your separate ways after only an evening. That’s why your plans need to be flexible in order for your trip to be a success.

When you’re traveling alone, there is no time for you to say “maybe another time” when you receive an invitation. Both you and the people you meet will be constantly on the move, so many of the interactions you will have are ‘now or never’ moments.

If you are trying to stick to a rigid itinerary, then you might let yourself get in the way of a lot of cool experiences. For example, if you turn down an invitation to a pub crawl just because your itinerary is forcing you to see a particular attraction, then you are opening yourself up for a lonely experience.

Instead, be flexible. Understand that your itinerary can change and new plans can arise. When you’re traveling alone, each day is completely different from the last and there will be certain moments that you have to cease. If I had to pick, I’d rather get lunch with a new group of friends than visit a castle or a museum.


Whether you’re going on a solo backpacking trip, or just visiting a few cities on your own, solo travel can be difficult if you’re an extrovert. Since extroverts get their energy from social interaction, it’s no surprise that the prospect of going on a trip alone can be so daunting. However, traveling alone is far from lonely. With a combination of positivity, courage, and flexibility, a solo trip can be perfect for an extrovert.

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